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Re-seller & Partnership-Program

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The Reseller & Business Partnership Program

Are you looking to start your own digital marketing business online but doesn’t have means and much money to start with? Well, entrepreneurs, now we are about to provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity, an Aladdin’s Lamp through which you can launch your dream business with one of the prominent digital marketing business. The great thing about this fantastic and thrilling business is that you will be able to start on a very affordable package.

So, how can you actually do it? Well, let us guide you with the simple steps by which you will be able to get the idea of how we are helping people to be independent in such a competitive era.

How does this business work?

We have initiated a business program through which the inspired and motivated people like you can partner with us to launch their own digital marketing business. We are the experienced and utterly professional company that offers digital marketing services to numerous customers on a regular basis. We have specially developed this top-notch digital marketing enterprise to help the top players in the digital marketing and media industry.

We will provide you with the state-of-the-art developed and ready to action marketing services that will get you on the radar in no time.

The core services we have developed for you are:

1.Bulk SMS
2.Bulk Email
5.Bulk Voice Calls
6.Missed Call
7.Web-Site Visitors
8.SEO Backlink

We guarantee you that the whole business process is utterly sophisticated and straightforward because you will never need to worry about any technical process as we will take care of the whole process extensively. All you have to do is perform next level marketing and get yourself on the top list of digital marketing business. Don’t worry; it is definitely not as difficult as we will help you with everything along the way.

You will get instant potential profits and various perks by doing business with us. Moreover, we will provide you with a dedicated potential relationship that will help you in providing exposure to your business as well as an account manage 24/7 who will perform a hard job. A business model like this never comes often, and you are lucky to be on this page.

The business partnership fees:

You probably are the luckiest person alive in India as we are providing all of our partners a hefty discount on the total fees. In the limited offer, you can start the prominent digital marketing business for just @ Rs.9999/- So, what are you waiting for, get in contact with us and discover a lot more?

Where are we located?

The M/s PentaLead Media Private Limited is located @ Delhi NCR (Sector 63, Noida, India).

We have also provided with the crystal clear and concise 5-minute business proposal so you can read it thoroughly before contacting us.

Need more?

The bonuses you will get with this amazing digital marketing business for 100% FREE are,

1.Free IVR Setup with inbuilt CRM, Call Recording, Unlimited Agents, Voice-Mail & IVR on Your Own Mobile Number worth Rs. 2000/-

2.20000 Free Promotional/Transactional SMS worth Rs.2000/-

Why are we the best?

Because we highly value our valued customers and business partners even more. We don’t just look for ways to make money; we are looking to build strong relationships with entrepreneurs like you.

A premium offer!

We will help you get your business on its robust feet by helping you promote your business to at least 10000 customers in your target area.

Promotion of Your Website & Business to 10000 Local Business Men of Your Own Area/City through Bulk SMS worth Rs. 50000/-
Digital Marketing business made easy!

The Product’s List:

A.Marketing Solutions:

A.1) Bulk SMS:
A.1.1) Submission Based SMS = 8 Paise
A.1.2) Delivery Based SMS = 10 Paise
A.1.3) SIM Card Based SMS = 6 Paise
A.2) Bulk Email:
A.2.1) Delivery Based Quantity wise Bulk Email = 1 Paise
A.2.2) Pay Per Open Bulk Email = 1 Rs
A.2.3) Unlimited Email Dedicated Server = Rs. 25000
A.3) Bulk Voice Call
B.3.1) Normal OBD Voice Calls = 16 Paise
A.3.2) Responsive OBD Voice Calls = 18 Paise
A.3.3) Per Second Billing OBD Voice Calls = 2 Paise
B.Cloud Telephony Solution:
B.1) IVR Number Cloud Telephony Solution = Rs. 999
B.2) Toll Number Cloud Telephony Solution = Rs. 1999
B.3) Missed Call Number Cloud Telephony Solution = Rs.699
The Features of Master Reseller Panel

1. You can approve sender ID to your customer

2. You can give a virtual balance to your customer.

3. You can provide high or low priority SMS to your customer.

4. You can change user account to reseller account.

5. You can add or remove credit to your customer account

B. Voice Call-
1. You can create Reseller and user account also.
2. you can give a virtual credit to your customer account.
C. IVR, Toll Free, Missed call-
1. You can create Reseller and user account.
2. You can give permission to your customer for who service use your customer.
3. You can Assign DID number to your customer.
4. You can add or remove credit and sms balance.
5. You can give a white label panel to your customer.
D. Email-

1. UNLIMITED EVERYTHING: Once you install UBES, you get unlimited everything, customers, email lists, subscribers, campaigns, stats, delivery servers, etc.

2. YOU ARE IN CONTROL: UBES gives you extraordinary control over the entire application so that you can fine tune it for your own environment. It also provides administrative tools so that you always know how it performs, if it has issues, and what issues it has.

3. DETAILED REPORTS: Each campaign will produce very detailed reports, see who opened or clicked your campaigns, how many times and from what location and device. You can also share your campaign reports with 3rd parties without the need to create accounts for them.

4. GREAT API SYSTEM: UBES comes with a great API system that you can use for custom integrations. You can use it to create subscribers, lists, campaigns, etc.


UBES is used by thousands and we always listen to feedback and add features as our customers request them, which means the application is constantly updated with new features but also with bug fixes.


UBES separates the administrative tasks by the customer tasks by splitting the application into a backend area and a customer area which makes things very clear when dealing with a huge number of customers.


UBES has been developed with extensibility in mind and allows developers to extend it via extensions and themes. There are already a huge number of extensions available for UBES, either free or paid.


UBES integrates with all SMTP server types and also with services like: SparkPost, MailGun, Amazon SES, SendGrid, ElasticEmail, MailJet, etc. Whatever delivery method you need to use, most likely we have you covered.


UBES offers absolutely all the tools in order to run it as a SAAS platform where you can have multiple customers, charge them for using the system and invoice them for the service.